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Cat-nav to the rescue!

GPS technology has helped many golfers improve their games in more recent times and it also came to the rescue of Elsham Golf Club professional David McNicholas last month, albeit in a very different guise. His cat Kiwi had made several disappearing acts from the golf club, so he bought her a collar with a built-in GPS tracker, which allowed him to monitor Kiwi’s location through his girlfriend Stacey’s phone. However, last month Stacey noticed Kiwi was moving considerably faster than usual when she was clocked doing 60mph down the A180. Stacey rang David to check whether Kiwi had hopped in the car with him, but they soon realised she had hitched a ride with someone else instead. “Stacey was in Lincoln and happened to spot on her phone that Kiwi was outside her normal roaming range. She rang me to ask if Kiwi was with me - but she wasn’t,” David told the Grimsby Telegraph. Using the tracker, Stacey followed Kiwi’s signal to a car park in Immingham, where she spotted a stationary lorry, and after explaining her plight to the driver she checked the back of it and sure enough, Kiwi was inside. Stacey found out that the lorry had delivered fish to the golf club earlier that day, ready for a fish and chip night, giving Kiwi its chance to jump in. David added: “I am delighted to say that after close inspection the fish provided by our member Martyn Boyers was of the highest standard.” Kiwi has form when it comes to disappearing. Last year she was missing for almost a month before being discovered three miles away in Brigg town centre thanks to a social media campaign. Elsham chairman Robert Taylor said: “Of the nine lives Kiwi originally had, a good number must now be missing.”

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