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Rochelle Morris reflects ... a year on tour

Woodsome Hall’s Rochelle Morris reflects on her first year on Tour:

Sixteen tournaments, 10 countries, 23 flights, 1 ferry, 1-euro tunnel, 1 mixed event, 4 trips back and forth to London, a 1 shot miss at the Open Championship and 1 robbery…yes, my first year on Tour has been very eventful,

It has also been full of laughs, a few tears (not always mine) and a lot of hard work both on and off the course, so 2019 is a year I’ll never forget.

My 123rd place finish on the Ladies European Tour Order of Merit as a rookie from only 4 starts is a result I was pretty pleased with. I split my year between the LET Access Tour and the main Tour in order to take the opportunities I was given, and had no regrets.

From being excited chatting to Laura Davies in Morocco to warming down next to Carlota Ciganda in Spain, last year gave me so much experience. I learned a heck of a lot and I can’t wait to put this into practice this year when I am to be a lot calmer, more collected and with a sense of belonging.

My last tournament of the year was in Barcelona where the weather was freezing but my caddy (Dad) is always well prepared and had hand warmers at the ready. My irons were on fire, it was just a shame about the big stick. A 24th place finish in the end but there were lots of encouraging things to take out of the week.

I’m currently working on stability which hopefully equals a more consistent ball strike. This is transferring from my gym sessions into the golf swing and consists of a lot of glute work!

So much work goes on behind the scenes that many people never see. Every elite golfer/sportsperson has a fantastic team around them, and I don’t think mine is too bad either.

First up I’d like to thank my coach John Eyre for his endless support of my game for the last 16 years! My strength & conditioning coach Adam Batchelor continues to raise my fitness levels, and my thanks also to my physio Craig Coulson for sorting out all my niggles. I’ve had very few injuries so thankfully I don’t see him too often. Finally, to the newest member of the team, my management company Underpin Sports, and I’m looking to progressing with them under the guidance of Greg and Duncan.

To my family for their lifetime of support financially, emotionally and physically, and for being there at every opportunity, thank you. My Dad has caddied for me a lot last year and definitely saved me a few shots and my uncle Mike, Polly and my Mum also shouldered by bag at various times

I also want to thank all the businesses and individuals that sponsored or supported me in 2019. It is extremely difficult to find people who want to help and especially in your first couple of years on Tour, and the help I have had from Selbie Opticians, Propack, Pennine Weavers, Florelle, Blacksmith consultancy, Sue & Paul and the Lahitte-Toupiere Golfers, Liz and David, Cathy Baxtor, Mark Cooper, Titleist, Srixon, Woodsome Hall, Howley Hall and my newest supporters, The Golf Travel People, has been invaluable.

You’ve all helped tremendously in many different ways and taken a lot of pressure off of my shoulders. Thank you all so much!

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